PIECES™ Learning and Development Program

2 days

The PIECES Learning and Development Program provides health care practitioners across the continuum of care with a practical, reflective and evidence based approach to guide shared assessment, collaborative engagement and supportive care with older adults at risk or living with complex chronic conditions and changes in behavioural expression associated with; neurocognitive disorders (including but not limited to the dementias) and other mental health and substance use disorders, neurological conditions, and physical health complexities. Highly committed to the voice of lived experience in collaborative care, PIECES is a holistic Person and Care Partner centred approach focused on prevention, early detection and a continuous process for shared solution finding, monitoring progress and minimizing disability. The PIECES Learning and Development Program provides a dynamic, highly interactive learning experience designed to support the translation of knowledge into day-to-day practice. It focuses on the advancement of Core Competencies which are anchored in the PIECES Foundational Principles; Validating, Shared Solution Finding, Acting Together, Enhancing and Translating Knowledge. Learners are provided opportunities for reflective, practice-base application of the PIECES approach, and exploration of effective strategies to meaningfully engage the Person, Care Partner and all members of the Team in shared care.

The PIECES Learning and Development Program is intended for regulated health professionals or those health professionals who have a clinical responsibility and accountability for shared assessment and collaborative care planning in long-term care homes, retirement homes, community, hospital, or primary care.

Special PIECES Learning and Development Program sessions are booked quarterly to ensure GCP students have access to this required course. The next offering is scheduled for Apr 25 and May 9, 2024 from 10am-6pm EST (must attend both sessions). Registration details for these quarterly offerings are emailed to all registered GCP students once the session has been booked.


  • Day 1: Core Curriculum to enhance learner's knowledge and skills to be able to use the PIECES 3-Question Template to guide an evidence-informed Team approach to Person and Care Partner centred collaborative assessment and shared care.
  • Practical Application: Learners are required to complete a Practical Application of the learning in the workplace, in collaboration with the Team; typically 2 weeks are provided between Day 1 and Day 2.
  • Day 2: Core Curriculum builds on the learning from Day 1 and the Practical Application experience; providing additional clinical content to enhance knowledge and skills, with further opportunities for practice-based application; and exploring strategies for further mobilizing PIECES into practice at the individual and Team level, and in collaboration with senior leadership and other partners.