Strategies and Actions for Independent Living (SAIL)

12 hours over 3 weeks

Older adults and persons with disabilities often wish to live independently in their own homes, but falls in the home are a major health threat. The practical SAIL tools help home care aides and community support workers to help clients live at home more safely by preventing falls and fall injuries. This NEW instructor-facilitated, three- week course offers case studies, videos, discussion and interactive assessments. You’ll learn how to apply the following tools in your work:

  • A specially developed, three-level, home-based exercise program that includes videos and handouts for client use, and training for you on how to motivate and support clients to use the program
  • A detailed risk factor checklist
  • An action plan framework with numerous strategies and actions to reduce each risk factor
  • Fall tracking and reporting tools
  • Optional ongoing yearly access to the SAIL tools and videos available on a sliding scale. Includes additional guidance for home care service supervisors to manage a SAIL program.

By the end of Unit 1 you will:

  • Define a “fall”
  • List the components that make up SAIL
  • Discuss the philosophy and guiding principles of SAIL
  • Describe key findings from SAIL program research about falls among older adults

By the end of Unit 2 you will:

  • Identify the members of the SAIL team, and describe their roles
  • Explain the importance of behaviour change to fall prevention
  • Compare and contrast lecturing to clients and collaborating with clients
  • Demonstrate communication strategies that are effective in helping clients make behavioural changes

By the end of Unit 3 you will:

  • Categorize risk factors for falls
  • Explain the purpose of the main tools used in the SAIL program
  • Describe how the SAIL tools are used by clients either independently or with assistance

By the end of Unit 4 you will:

  • Demonstrate correct use of the main SAIL tools:
    • Fall Risk Screen
    • SAIL Calendar and Fall Report
    • Checklist and Action Plan (CAP)

By the end of Unit 5 you will:

  • Distinguish the Home Activity Program’s three levels
  • Use the videos and other tools to motivate and support clients in working with the HAP while following the client’s lead in deciding on their participation