Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA®) in Dementia Care

1 day
$45.00(was $90.00)
3 hours

GPA Basics is a practical and interactive education session that equips care providers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver person-centered dementia care. GPA Certified Coaches act as facilitators, employing multiple learner-directed strategies to promote basic understand of dementia and its relationship with a person's responsive behaviours. Participants learn to apply emotional, environmental, and interpersonal communication strategies that serve to diffuse challenging behaviours. Participants will also learn and demonstrate suitable and respectful physical self-protection techniques to use in situations of risk. This learning allows the participant to enter a workplace confident in their understanding that each person with dementia is a unique human being capable of interacting with the outside world. GPA Basics participants gain immediately useful strategies for effective communication and safety practices at the point-of-care, promoting comfort and human dignity. (Please note: GPA Basic education has been developed and evaluated for delivery within health care organizations. At this time, GPA Basics is not recommended for informal health care providers or volunteers who are not currently employed or seeking employment in a health care setting.)

NEW GPA eLearning includes key content from the GPA Basics curriculum and is delivered via multiple short video tutorial segments within 4 modules, consistent with GPA Basics. The 2016 GPA eLearning Program has been revised to enhance learner experience by adding images and graphics as well as professional narration. Learners review the video segments while following along in the GPA Basics eManual (download available at program commencement), and complete online matching activities at the end of modules 1, 2 and 3. Module 4 content is delivered in the same video tutorial format with the inclusion of Gentle Persuasive Technique demonstration videos. The entire program will take approximately 2 -3 hours to complete.

The GPA eLearning program is available to eligible individuals who meet the following criteria/requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in the Geriatric Certificate Program
  • Currently enrolled or graduate from an accredited health care program
  • Enrolling as a pre-requisite for GPA Certified Coach Training Workshop

  • Delivery supported by slide presentations including updated whiteboard animations and embedded video, as well as interactive activities and case-based scenarios.
  • Introduction to dementia and person-centred care.
  • Overview of the relationship between the disease process and a person's behavioural response.
  • Application of emotional, environmental, and interpersonal communication strategies to prevent and diffuse responsive behaviours.
  • Suitable and respectful protective techniques to use in situations of risk