Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can take the Geriatric Certificate Program?
  • What is the GCP?
  • What is the benefit of taking the GCP?
  • How do I register as a GCP student?
  • What does it cost to register for the GCP?
  • How long do I have to complete the GCP?
  • Are GCP courses accessible to students with disabilities?
  • What is the GCP Student Code of Ethics?
  • What if my question isn't answered here?
  • Can I get a transcript for the GCP?

  • What's a required course?
  • What's an elective course?
  • How do I see available course dates?
  • How do I enroll in available courses?
  • Do I have to pay for each course?
  • Who teaches GCP courses?
  • What languages are GCP courses offered in?
  • How do I un-enroll from a course?
  • I previously took a course that is part of GCP, can I still receive course credit?
  • Will the same courses be offered again in the future?
  • Are courses available online?
  • Can I count a course I previously completed that is included within one of the other education streams that I am not enrolled in?
  • How do I enroll for an ongoing course without a specified course date?

  • Are in-person courses being offered? If not, when?
  • Are all courses online?

  • What is on the online quizzes?
  • What is the format of online quizzes?
  • How many attempts am I allowed for each course's quiz?
  • Does each course have a quiz?
  • What grade do I need to pass each quiz?
  • When can I write my quiz?
  • What is a course completion document?
  • How do I submit course completion documents?
  • What if I can't find my course completion documents?
  • I failed a quiz, what do I do now?
  • My quiz question was confusing, how can I report this?
  • Do I have to complete a quiz for each course?
  • What internet browser is recommended for completing quizzes?
  • How do I view my grade?
  • Can I view my quiz after I submit it?
  • I'm having issues using the online quizzes, where can I get support?
  • How do I access the quiz once I have completed a course?

  • What are Education Streams?
  • What Education Stream should I register for?
  • Why do different Education Streams have different prices?

  • What payment methods are accepted to register for GCP?
  • How do I pay for my courses?
  • Can you send me a receipt?
  • Can I get a refund of my GCP registration fee if I change my mind?
  • How do I request a registration fee refund?

  • What certificates does GCP offer?
  • What is required to complete my certificate?
  • How long is my certificate valid for?
  • Do I get a paper copy of my certificate?
  • I lost my certificate; can you send me a new one?
  • Will the certificate say which stream I completed?

  • I can't access the Student Portal, where can I get support?
  • I forgot my password, where can I reset it?
  • How do I change my password?
  • How do I change my account email?
  • How do I change my email settings?
  • I didn't receive an activation email or password reset, where can I get support?
  • Can I delete my account?
  • I am having problems viewing the student portal, where can I get support?

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GCP is open to everyone interested in developing knowledge and skills in geriatrics. All people working in or considering working in the field of aging should take this program. This includes RNs, RPNs, PSWs, DSWs, PT's, OTs, MDs, Social Workers, Recreation Therapists, and students. To identify your education stream, click here.
The Geriatric Certificate Program consists of educational programming that is aimed at improving quality of care for our aging population, thereby enhancing the quality of life for Canada's older adults. The required courses are in high demand, have a track record of outstanding evaluations, and a well-developed curriculum that clearly links knowledge to practice. The planning and development of the GCP has been reviewed and endorsed by the McMaster Continuing Health Sciences Education Office; each graduate earns a GCP certificate of completion or attendance (stream dependent).
GCP graduates receive many benefits, such as:
  • Improved confidence and competence
  • Increased career opportunities in Geriatrics
  • New practical skills, knowledge and understanding
  • New approaches to care
First, select the certificate stream that best fits your education needs, then enter your information, pay your registration fee, and get started!
Geriatric Certificate Program costs vary by stream options. To see stream costs, please visit the stream page. Please note that these fees do not include the fees for each course. Students must enroll and pay for each course through the appropriate partner website.
You have up to 3 years from payment to complete all the required and elective courses for the Regulated and Non-Regulated Streams, in addition to the online multiple-choice quiz for each course (minimum 70% grade required). You have up to two years from payment to complete all 4 required courses for the Online Non-Regulated Stream.
GCP is committed to supporting any person with a permanent disability who requires some form of accommodation to assist with the certificate completion. You may be asked to provide documentation pertaining to the nature of your disability, and how it impacts your functioning in academics. This is to help determine appropriate accommodations. Please contact us to make necessary arrangements prior to seeking updated documentation.
The GCP Student Code outlines the role of GCP Student learners. All registrants should review the code prior to participating in GCP.
Yes, it is $25.00 for the first transcript and $5.00 for each additional transcript requested. To request a transcript, please email with the following information: current mailing address, how many transcripts required, and method of payment.
A required course is a mandatory course (i.e. a course that must be completed) in order to receive your certificate.
An elective course is a flexible course offering, where you can align your interests with your certificate by selecting from a larger selection of courses.
Course dates are available through the Student Portal, as well on the Course Calendar.
Enrolling in a course through the GCP website will redirect you to the appropriate partner website. Students enrolling through the Student Portal will also be redirected, unless course dates have already passed. Students are not officially enrolled in any GCP course until having officially completed registration and payment through the appropriate course website.
Yes. You must pay for each course through the appropriate partner website, individual course costs remain the responsibility of the student.
GCP educators are experts in the field of aging. Many have, and do, hold faculty appointments at McMaster University, and all have many years of experience in both education and clinical practice. Our highly competent teachers integrate and make important connections between established knowledge and best practices and current research.
Most GCP courses are offered in English only. Please contact each partner through the appropriate partner website for more information.
Students are able to un-enroll from a course through the Student Portal up until the education session date has passed. However, students are still required to ensure that they are enrolled in all courses through the appropriate partner website.
On a case-by-case basis, you may provide proof of course completion for courses taken in the past two years by adding the education date through the Student Portal to bypass the cost and time associated with re-taking a course. Please note, you will still be required to complete the course quiz and receive a minimum 70% passing grade. Courses are valid to be transferred into the GCP as long as they are within two years of your GCP Registration date. Courses with information that changes year-to-year may not be eligible for course credit. Certain exceptions may apply, please contact us to learn more or discuss the courses you have previously completed.
Not necessarily. Some GCP courses are offered annually, subject to a review of relevant changes in best practice research and current issues in geriatrics.
All GCP courses are available online. Some courses have in-person offerings which will resume once in-person learning resumes.
No. You can only count courses that are included within the stream you are registered for.
Some courses that are offered online on an ongoing basis (e.g., Geriatric Essentials, GPA) may not have a specific course date associated with them. In these cases, the available course date may appear inaccurate (e.g., Jan 1st, 2099). Select this date to enroll in the ongoing course. Note, you will still need to register for these courses externally and, upon completion, your certificate will reflect the accurate date.
As of Feb 3rd, 2022 the only course with in-person learning is the Mental Health First Aid – Seniors course. They are following Public Health Guidelines.
All courses now have online options. These options will continue to be offered once in-person learning resumes.
Each course's online quiz is based on the knowledge you will gain through presentations, handouts, and materials during that specific course.
Each quiz is multiple-choice which may include multiple multiple-choice, true and false, and case study questions.
Three (3).
Yes. All GCP courses have a quiz that must be completed and passed with a grade of 70% or higher.
Each quiz must be completed with a grade of 70% or higher to gain course credit.
Students can write each course's quiz immediately after uploading the relevant course documents through the Student Portal. GCP students are encouraged to write each quiz within 2 weeks of completing the related course.
Course completion documents must include proof of course attendance (e.g. Certificate of Participation). In order to obtain your certificate, you must provide documentation for all courses. Course completion documents can be submitted via the GCP Student Portal.
Course completion documents can be submitted through the Student Portal by selecting ‘Upload Documents'. Accepted file formats include: ****.
Contact the partner course and see if they are able to replace your certificate or provide alternate proof of course completion. All partner costs are at the discretion of that partner.
You have three (3) attempts to successfully pass each quiz. If you are unable to successfully complete the quiz within three attempts, please contact GCP to identify the appropriate solution.
Please report confusing or incorrect quiz questions here.
Each course has a quiz that must be completed with a grade of 70% or higher to gain course credit.
Quiz grades can be viewed through the Student Portal.
Please submit a technical support inquiry here.
Step 1) Input your course date into the GCP portal by selecting “enroll” and either selecting the date if it appears or adding the date in manually if it does not appear, Step 2) upload your document, Step 3) gain access to the quiz.
Education Streams are designed to reflect learning priorities that are most applicable to your previous education and current practice.
Register for the Education Stream that best meets your learning needs and practice. The Regulated Stream was designed for regulated health professions. The Non-Regulated Stream was designed for non-regulated health professionals and/or students. The Online Non-Regulated Stream was designed for non-regulated health professionals and/or students, but specifically considering the learning needs of personal support workers and health care aides who require accessible education specifically related to time-commitment and cost. Learn more about streams here.
Education Stream pricing is based on the mission of GCP to offer accessible geriatrics education to everyone.
Payments can be made online by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), or cheque, payable to McMaster University – GCP, and can be mailed to:
Attn: Regional Geriatric Program central
Geriatric Certificate Program
88 Maplewood Avenue,
Hamilton, ON
L8M 1W9
Payments will be made to the host organization running the course. Please follow up with them directly to ensure successful registration. Questions regarding payment? Please email us!
An invoice is forwarded to your account email when you pay online. If you are paying by cheque and would like to be forwarded an invoice, please indicate, along with your cheque, that you would like an invoice sent to your email or mailing address (with address provided).
After payment, GCP registration fees are subject to a limited refund policy within 10 days (subject to a 25% administrative fee). After 10 days, students are no longer eligible for refund of the GCP registration fee.
Students within 10 days of registration fee payment can request a refund (subject to a 25% administrative fee) through My Account within the Student Portal.
GCP offers a certificate of completion for the Regulated and Non-Regulated Streams and a certificate of attendance for the Online Non-Regulated Stream.
To complete your Geriatric Certificate for the Regulated or Non-Regulated Streams, you must complete five (5) required and two (2) elective courses. In total, seven (7) courses must be successfully completed, including passing the online multiple choice quiz for each course with a minimum 70% grade required. To complete your Geriatric Certificate for the Online Non-Regulated Stream, you must complete four (4) required courses and pass the online multiple choice quiz for each course with a minimum of 70% grade required.

No. An electronic certificate will be emailed to you upon completion of the program.

The GCP system will provide you with a letter once your documents are verified that will note your completion date in the program and confirm your successful completion.


Yes, please let us know if you require another certificate.

Please submit a technical support inquiry here.
To request a password reset e-mail, please enter your account email here.
Your password can be changed through My Account within the Student Portal.
Your account email can be changed through My Account within the Student Portal.
Your account email settings can be changed through My Account within the Student Portal.
Please submit a technical support inquiry here.
If you've registered twice in error, one account may be deleted. Once you've paid, your account cannot be deleted in order to ensure that a record of registration remains in our
Please submit a technical support inquiry here.