Support geriatric education and best practice development.

Geriatrics is an increasingly challenging field of practice. Geriatric training is lacking across many disciplines. Few nurses or physicians have adequate training in geriatrics.

In Ontario's Senior Strategy (2013), Dr. Samir Sinha, Provinicial Lead, reports: "Ontario’s health, social, and community human resources need to be better prepared and supported to meet the needs of our aging population. The fact that we don't require any of our schools in Ontario that train our future health, social, and community care providers to formally teach content related to caring for older adults is concerning. Those who are not exposed to caring for or working with older adults will be less confident in their knowledge and skills working with these patients and less prepared to meet their needs or even to choose these areas as a career".

Dr. Sinha recommends collaborative education to support and prepare physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, pharmacists, physician assistants, paramedics, personal support workers, and other relevant health care professionals (Living Longer Living Well, Ontario's Senior Strategy 2013).